2018 Annual Members Meeting

All OCC members are strongly recommended to attend the Annual Members Meeting.
Monday, January 15, 2018, @ 7:00 PM CT

All OCC members are strongly recommended to attend the Annual Members Meeting Monday, January 15, 2018, @ 7:00 PM CT.

This is an important Meeting of Members. Your attendance is strongly recommended as important Club topics (e.g., voting for your Club Directors) will be discussed. An agenda is forthcoming.

Thank you in advance for your attendance this required Meeting of the Members. For count and room logistics, please RSVP if you will be attending this meeting by replying to the President at President@OuterCircleClub.org.

Our address is 1500 North Post Oak Road, Suite #150, Houston, TX 77055.

* “S” Fellowships: SAA, SLAA, COSA, SA, RCA, ISA,S-Anon & SCA.
** The Outer Circle Club is only open to adults (18 or older) and no children or minors are allowed.