“From Bracing to Facing” — January 20, 2018 Recovery Presentation by Barbara Levinson

From Bracing to Facing: An Inward Look at Intimacy
By Barbara Levinson on Saturday, January 20, 2018
7:00 PM Presentation

Please note that this event is open to anyone in an “S” Fellowship, and their partner or significant other.

Include your significant other in your Recovery Activities!!

This presentation will bring into awareness those moments of protest of getting to “self.” You will learn how to show up in relationships with others and yourself. It will focus on barriers to your sexuality and its expression. You will be able to identify those moments by understanding the sensations in your body and reflect on what your body is trying to tell you. Rather than a typical lecture format, this will be more experiential aimed at you reading your sensations and then being able to express them. Come prepared to share a little bit of yourself, to the extent you feel comfortable. You will begin to understand your fight, flight or freeze and hopefully be able to express that in your partnership with another or to identify those moments when you shut down. We will discuss Attachment theory and how that affects your sexual life to help you to know yourself truly. Hopefully, this will provide more insight and have some fun while doing it. Come prepared to Learn and Laugh.

Dr. Barbara Levinson, Ph.D., RN, LMFT, LSOTP, Meadows trained therapist, Certified Sex Therapist Diplomate, and CSAT-S. Dr. Levinson will explore how Love and Sex lead to personal growth and a healthy respect for yourself and your significant other.

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